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The Safe Swimmer Pledge

#BeWaterAware & Take the Safe Swimmer’s Pledge:

Research shows that we’re more successful at meeting goals when we join forces with others. Join the movement to reinforce the importance of water safety. Take the pledge, spread the message, and become an advocate in your community today.

“I’m a Safe Swimmer” Pledge:

For a reminder of your pledge, download the Safe Swimmer Certificate:

American Red Cross’s Water Safety Resources

The American Red Cross believes that consumers who improve water competency, which includes swimming skills and water smarts, can make water activities safer … and just as much fun. Find swim classes, learn how to make water safety a priority, know what to do in an emergency and understand why you should embrace water safety.

How to Teach Children to #BeWaterAware

Engaging children about topics like water safety when all they want to do is get in the pool can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created these coloring and activity books to teach them about water safety in a fun way.

  • SplashZone Coloring Book – This coloring book, for children ages 4 to 7, teaches water safety in a fun way.
  • Longfellow’s WHALE Tales Program – What’s better than learning about swim and water safety? Learning about it from a fun whale named Longfellow. These short, educational videos teach children everything from why it’s important to swim in pairs to how too much sun is no fun.

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