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Removeable Mesh Safety Fences Offer Excellent Durability & Pool Security. Serving Tennessee with over 5 years in business.

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Highest quality Pool Gate Alarms that notify you outdoors and indoors. 

Experience the pinnacle of pool safety with Pool Safety Solutions’ custom pool safety fences – where quality, durability, and peace of mind converge.

"Layers of Protection"

In addition to offering homeowners the highest-quality pool safety products, we educate families on the importance of LAYERS OF PROTECTION to prevent childhood drownings. 

2 infants underwater in a pool learning to safety swim
Safety Swim Lessons Can Add Another Preventative Layer of Safety.
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Testimonials from our Safety Fence Customers:

Removable Mesh Pool Safety Fencing

At Pool Safety Solutions, our unwavering commitment is to provide the market’s highest-quality pool safety solutions. We take pride in offering the industry’s most robust pole, guaranteed against breakage, and rigorously tested to withstand over 400 pounds of pressure. Choose from our range of pole colors, including black, brown, or tan/brown, all expertly crafted from textured powder-coated aluminum. Our transparent and fade-resistant mesh fencing is not only durable but also ingeniously designed to be childproof, making climbing impossible. With our products, you can have absolute confidence that your pool is both safe and secure.

Self-Closing Gates & Alarms

At Pool Safety Solutions, we prioritize pool safety above all else. That’s why we provide the highest quality and safest pool fences and gates on the market. Our pool fences are meticulously designed to meet the most rigorous safety codes and feature self-closing/latching gates equipped with a magna latch that’s lockable by key. For added convenience and customization, our square gates come in a range of colors, including brown, black, and tan. Our confidence in the exceptional quality of our pool fences and gates is so profound that we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

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