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Jeremiah Kiel, Pool Safety Solutions Owner
Pool Safety Solutions Owner Brooke teaching a child survival swim


To End Childhood Drownings.

At Pool Safety Solutions, we are passionate about protecting families and their loved ones from the dangers of drowning. Our team of experienced professionals works hard to provide the highest quality of safety products to ensure that your pool is safe and secure. 

Pool Safety Solutions Meyco Team

For the last 5 years we have devoted our lives to drowning prevention and the importance of multiple layers of protection. We have served hundreds of customers by making their backyards the safest possible all while enjoying their pools with a peace of mind. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can have fun in and around pools safely.

About Pool Safety Solutions - owners Brooke and Jeremiah

“We are on a mission to tackle drowning prevention from every angle, striving to prevent accidents and educate families about this preventable danger. Together, we are dedicated to the safety and well-being of communities across Tennessee.

Our life mission revolves around drowning prevention, and we go above and beyond by offering complimentary pool fence installations to families who have experienced a drowning incident in their backyard.”

~ Brooke & Jeremiah

Jeremiah Kiel, Pool Safety Solutions Owner

Jeremiah is a seasoned professional who is dedicated to safeguarding families and preventing drowning incidents. With an impressive track record as the #1 Meyco Pool Cover Dealer and Pool Fence Dealer in Tennessee for several consecutive years, he offers expert pool safety solution in Tennessee

His extensive experience includes the installation of hundreds of backyard swimming pool barriers for families of all circumstances. Jeremiah’s warm and professional approach makes him a trusted advocate for pool safety in our communities.

Pool Safety Solutions Owner Brooke teaching a child survival swim

Brooke operates with a heartfelt commitment to drowning prevention, born from a personal experience with a non-fatal drowning incident in her own family. 

Her passion for water safety led her to become a Swim Safety Instructor, teaching children aged 6 months and up the invaluable skills of Survival Swimming Lessons for several years. With specialized training in ASD Aquatics, focusing on children of all abilities, Brooke initially started as a Certified Infant Swimming Resource Instructor. Her remarkable dedication is reflected in her impressive track record of empowering over 1000 children with the ability to survive an aquatic accident should they ever find themselves in the water unsupervised. Brooke has eight survival stories of swim families who, despite supervision lapses, discovered their children safe after a pool encounter or an accidental fall off a dock. 

Beyond her teaching, Brooke is a passionate advocate for the importance of multiple layers of protection, working tirelessly to educate families about preventing the leading cause of accidental death in our children. 

Where Do We Work?

Focused on Providing the Right Products and Best Customer Service.

We provide a wide range of safety products such as pool covers, pool alarms, pool fences, and more. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you choose the right safety solution for your pool needs. Our commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

Serving Communities across Tennessee and yes - we travel!

At Pool Safety Solutions, we strive to provide the best pool safety products and services for the Middle Tennessee region. We are proud to serve Davidson County, Rutherford County, Williams County, Shelby County, Hamilton County, Wilson County, and Sumner County.

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